A Coin Hoard from the Village of Kamenik, Kyustendil Region





Kamenik coin hoard, Coinage of Macedonian Koinon, Roman Provincial Coinage


The collective coin find from the village of Kamenik contains 135 coins, of which 9 silver (denarii and antoniniani) and 126 provincial bronze coins. It covers the period from AD 154/155 to 254. The provincial bronze coins were struck exclusively in the mints of the Roman province Macedonia in the period 218–249. Coins of Pella, Edessa and Thessalonica are represented, as well as 120 coins struck on behalf of the Macedonian Koinon. The find from the village of Kamenik is unique in its content. At this
stage, no other mixed hoard containing silver coins (denarii and antoniniani), and provincial bronze coins produced only by the mints of the province of Macedonia has been recorded on the territory of Bulgaria. The collective find from Kamenik was accumulated in the period AD 231–244 during the reigns of Alexander Severus and Gordian III. The terminus post quem for the deposition of the find is an antoninian of Valerian I (253–260), minted in 254. The reasons for its withdrawal from circultaion, however, were not events of public importance, as indicated by the nature of the hoard and the timing of its accumulation.




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